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Stanley Arrived From England

Posted by on April 11, 2017

July 3, 1945. Anna writes a short handwritten letter to Dad. She notes that the following day is Independence Day but not for her because she “is still double.” The baby is two weeks overdue, but as far as Anna is concerned, “…no matter how people figure, babies get born when their time comes.” Even so, the doctor told Anna to take castor oil. She refuses to take that “axle grease” and instead prefers to “wait a few weeks.” From the context of other comments in the letter, it is clear that Anna is at home. She suggests that the baby might come the following day, making it a “Fourth of July baby.” She is still expecting a boy.

Although the impending birth of a baby is big news, the other big news is that “Stanley arrived from England in the U.S.A. last Saturday. He called up about ten o’clock from Camp Kilmer, N.J. Today he came home about 9:30 A.M He looks thin and tired and I imagine anyone would. It took them 4 ½ days to get here and the last two days they ran into a…hurricane which the weather bureau had forecast was to hit Miami, Florida. …I told mama not to worry about how he looked but to give a fella a chance to rest and eat decent again and he would be OK, but you should know how mama is.”

U.S. Army photo of Camp Kilmer

Anna continues, “Terry welcomed Stanley with a big smile and kiss but she calls him Uncle Anthony. See how she doesn’t forget you. Now she is sleeping downstairs… Mama and Stanley just disappeared. I think mama went to the store and Stas went with her. I am writing today because who knows how much longer I’ll be home and I haven’t written too frequently because I…don’t feel good.”

As Anna is finishing the letter, Stanley and Mama have returned from the store. After advising Dad that another package of personal items (hair oil, shampoo and powder) is on its way, Anna closes, “I guess I will close for now because I can’t talk and write at the same time. Stanley has so much to say and I will writes as soon as I can. So long, Good Luck, and God bless you.”

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2 Responses to Stanley Arrived From England

  1. Edward ( Edziu) Smulsky

    It was so nice to read your artical in the Times Union this past week. I am now starting to read Anna’s letters to your father and uncle. They seem to be very cute and exciting. I can’t wait to read on. You don’t know me because I’m much older than you.I hope you don’t mind me being nosey. My sister Mary was married to your Uncle Stan way back when, when I was just a youngster myself. I keep in touch with the ” Murawski” girls and love them all. I am also God Father to Barbara., which I consider my third daughter. Keep up the good work. Edziu Smulsky

    • John

      Edziu, Welcome! I remember Mary very well as my father had us on annual road trips to Albany from our childhood home outside of Philadelphia. She was a wonderful lady. I am glad you found the blog and are enjoying the project. I posted the letters because I felt that the story that the letters told would have meaning beyond it being a family history. The letters covered on the website to date run up to early July 1945. There are still about six more month of letters to discover. You can get the new posts e-mailed directly to your in-box by signing up with your e-mail address in the box to the left of the page. Since it is a “two step” process, You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with a link you will need to click on to complete the sign up process. Your e-mail address will only be used for sending you new posts.

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