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Always on the Go

Posted by on August 28, 2017

November 11 and 16, 1945. Stanley writes two letters to Dad from home in Albany, NY.

The eleventh being a Sunday is Stanley’s day off.  He mentions going to church and seeing some of their friends who were in the service, specifically Steve Miskiewicz who “came back to the states after being in the Chinese country for 8 months”, and Walter and John Dubek. Stanley comments, “The city of Albany is sure being filled up again with all the discharged Veterans.”

He apologizes that it’s been a while since his last letter as his work as a baggage handler at the train station leaves him “pretty tired”. The letter writing has been left to him as “Anne is pretty busy with Terry and Judy so she doesn’t get a chance to write you.”

Stanley writes that he is now working the 2 to 10 PM shift instead of the overnight shift that had him getting off work at 3 AM. He also applied for some clerical jobs with the railroad noting that he will try “for about every job that is open in the clerical field to see if I can get into it.” He writes that the jobs he is applying for pay “about $40 a week and that is not hay.” Although there are others with more seniority, he notes, “If I don’t get it I can always try for others that may come up in the near future. I sure would like to get a start somewhere with the New York Central and from there I could build myself up little by little. It would be better than chugging around the mail sacks on those trucks like pop pulls around.”  He still hasn’t heard anything about the civil service application that he submitted earlier in the month and is “still sweating that out.”

Stanley details how Terry is getting along with her new sister. “Terry has a lot of fun with Judy. Sometimes when Anne goes to feed Judy Terry gets up on the bed and hugs the baby or else lays down right along side of the baby and holds her hand. Terry can never sit still a minute. She is always on the go, and always getting into mischief. You can tell her not to do something 15 times and she will go and do it anyway just for the spite and before you know it she gets a rear end warming.” 

If course, at other times little Terry can be a downright charmer. Stanley details the morning routine. “Terry gets up in the morning sometimes at about seven in the AM and comes upstairs when I am still sleeping and wakes me up and tells me to get out of bed. She starts singing and trying to pull the covers off.”

With the weather getting colder in Albany, Stanley notes that the furnace is now running in the house and suggests, “We could use some of that warm weather which you are enjoying right now. Send some over in one of those B-29’s and in return I will try to send you some of the cold weather we have around here.”

Stanley signs off with the wish, “God bless you brother and speed your return home.”

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