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The News on the Home Front

Posted by on December 30, 2016

March 2, 1945: Anna writes a letter to her brothers, although most of the letter is directed to Stanley. She has a lot of updates. The first being that she expects to deliver her second child in four months, or as she puts it, “I have my good and sick days but it will soon pass in four months.”

She also informs Stanley that Dad was home on furlough. “He was supposed to come home some time in March or later but he came home unexpectedly on February 24th … He is here for a week and he is going back this coming Monday. What a pity. Life just got where it was joyful and happy again and now it will be back to the same old quiet and stillness again. …it is supposed to be his last furlough because they have been assigned to go over.  Was hoping that they would forget about him there in Topeka but someone did remember him and got rid of him. Well anyway, we hate to see him go but there is nothing we can do about it.”

While Dad was home he took the opportunity to spend some time with his niece and god-daughter. “Terry also has just gotten used to him and now she will be looking for him all over the house. When Anthony came Saturday morning baby Terry was still sleeping because he came about eight o’clock and when she woke I took her upstairs and she was kind of bashful at first but I told her to go to him and give him a kiss… Then Anthony took her on his lap and she put her cheek to his and with her hands she pressed his face to hers. Boy what a smoocher she turned out to be, but as long as she limits it to her uncles and godfathers I guess it is okay.”

Anna has news about some of their other friends. “Joe Miller is in the Philippines, or should I say, cruising around them.” Anna mentions that both her and Joe’s wife Mary got letters from Joe. As far as the letter to Mary, “the censor cut out most of the letter and it was like reading a jigsaw puzzle. …he told Mary that the saw her brother Eddie and his plane and the ship that he was on. Eddie Falkowski has completed fifty missions and now he is home. He came home about when Anthony did. He was to see his fiancée and he told my Eddie that he would be married this month. …Eddie Falkowski flew himself in a plane from the Philippines to the U.S. Coast and then home. Pretty good, eh?”

There is also news about another Eddie as Anna relays, “I hear rumors that our cousin Eddie Morawski was shipped back to Parris Island and will be shipped out again. His baby is due the twenty-eighth of March and if he gets sent out of the country he won’t see it. That guys has the worst bad luck. I hope for his sake he will be here when the little one comes…I am not kidding when I say that you won’t know Albany when you get back because there will sure be a change in population, all the new faces.”  

Before wrapping up she gets down to a bit of business with Stanley. “…in regard to our new papoose, I have chosen Rita for the godmother although she doesn’t know it yet and it will be a pleasant surprise for her. As for the godfather, I would like to have you. I was hoping that you would be back in time for the christening but if you won’t I will ask father pastor and have you as godfather by proxy.”

Anna wraps up, “Well, I have covered all the news on the home front. The weather has warmed up a bit and the snow is melting… Nowadays I can hang clothes outside and they dry while before in the cold weather it was no use. So Long, Good Luck and God Bless You.”

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