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Yesterday I Got My Last Shot

Posted by on April 1, 2014

Sunday, February 28, 1943. Dad writes a letter home. After missing Mass for two weeks due to travel and group quarantine, Dad finally made it to services.  Dad will now be able to make it to Confession and Communion “as the priest urges everyone to do so. He says also to write home and have the people at home say Rosary in a group at night for their brothers and sons.” Dad says, “Our quarantine has been lifted and this camp is practically deserted over the weekend.”

On the medical front, “Yesterday I got my last shot and it isn’t at all bad as Billy or somebody else might be telling you. I had no ill effects. I now have 1 vaccination 3 tetanus shots and 3 typhoid shots. Throughout all the shots I have seen no one faint. I have no idea of how a yellow fever injection reacts as you get this one when you get “over there”.

He mentions that he has written many of his cousins and friends back home but hears very little from any of them. “The only ones who admit that they know me by letter are you folks at home, and I do mean Mama, Papa, you, Ann and ‘Theresa-Marie’ the goo-goo, ga-ga girl and her Papa Eddie whether he writes me or not and Stanley beyond all means.”

He says, “Tell Mama not to worry about my money situation because I know when to cut down on expenses as regards the next time we get paid. This payday will make millionaires of all the fellows around here and there should be a regular “cleaning house” or card game in their language. As for me, I don’t give away nor do I take somebody else’s.”

He says that “Yesterday afternoon a buddy from our Co. 3 got married in the Chapel. We all attended…or else we would have been given a detail that Sat. P.M..  When the Army calls for volunteers they point and say you, you and you, except at times. I might exaggerate a bit though if you know me. In this Army everybody tries to out-bullsh-t the other fellow.”

He adds a few post scripts to the letter:
“I just saw “Immortal Sergeant” with Henry Fonda and Maureen O’Hara at the camp G.I Theater. It was a very good picture. Henry Fonda is always good. We pay 15 cents.”
“In case you want more honey or marmalade, I could arrange to have some sent from Miami Beach.”
And lastly, this:

Dad's notes on his Army travel. "P.S. We passed 9 states from N.Y. to Miami Beach. 6 states from Miami Beach to Illinois (13 different states)"

Dad’s notes on his Army travel. “P.S. We passed 9 states from N.Y. to Miami Beach. 6 states from Miami Beach to Illinois (13 different states)”


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