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Write as Much as You Can

Posted by on December 21, 2016

February 9, 1945: Anna writes a letter to her brothers. She admits that “I haven’t much to tell you in this letter.” She does mention, however, that they “haven’t heard from brother Stanley in three weeks and folks back home especially mama are wondering what has happened. Stanley, write as much as you can. You know that by now.”

The girl who was boarding upstairs with mama and pop moved out and now “mama comes downstairs more that she has time and plays with Terry. …She brings down her mending and her ironing and we both do it together. …she sure will be surprised when the new grandchild comes she will have more work too because baby Terry will be upstairs all the time.”

As it is, Terry manages to find her way upstairs to her grandparent’s flat on her own. As Anna writes, “One afternoon after she had her nap and I had dressed her up I was still in the bedroom…and when I came out there was no baby and only an open door. I made my way upstairs and there she was in mama’s kitchen, standing in the middle of it crying because mama wasn’t there to welcome her. …mama was in the alcove sewing on the machine and at first she didn’t hear her… We both missed her at the same time.”

Anna goes on to further highlight the benefits of having family so close at hand. “I told mama that it wouldn’t be lonesome for her even if we didn’t live upstairs because we don’t shut the door for her or daddy and they can come down anytime. In fact, we never have the kitchen doors locked…”

Of course, there is a weather report. “…yesterday was Thursday and we had another four inches of snow. We sure are getting our share of snow this year. …Today it is cloudy out again and it looks like something will fall again… Cold weather is alright to a certain extent. Anyway, the stores are open again only in the daytime for a while till the fuel shortage gets over with.”

She closes with, “Well, I’ll be seeing you. So Long, Good Luck and God Bless You.”

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