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The Income Tax is High

Posted by on April 9, 2014

March 12, 1943.  Anna writes to Dad. Apparently in 1943 taxes were due by March 15th instead of April 15th. The first half of Anna’s letter is tax related. She is enclosing Dad’s 1942 tax form which was filled out by an accountant that the family uses. Dad earned $1067.72 and owes taxes of $72.29. The payment will be made quarterly. She mentions that there is a program where service men do not have to pay their taxes until after the war, but when they do their payments will have to include interest on the money, so she suggests paying the taxes when initially due.

She also mentions that everyone else in the family finished their taxes too. She and Eddie owe $173.19 with “everything that could be deducted including car depreciation… We are only going to pay quarterly also. I guess that is what everybody nowadays is doing because people made a lot of money but the income tax is high and it is especially hard to pay a lot of money out of your pocket all at once especially if you haven’t saved any.”

She reports that the weather in Albany is warming up and that they received a letter from Stanley. “He mentioned that they finished school and were getting ready for shipment but didn’t know where he would be. I hope that he is not destined for Europe or Africa or Australia. That would be terrible”

Being that Dad wanted to get into radio but is being trained as a clerk, the following news from Anna must have made him nuts, “Billy [Lubinski] mentioned in his letter that he was studying radio. That is not exactly what he wanted but that was the best thing that was offered to him. That proves that what you said about the army is true.”

She writes, “The baby is growing up. Now when she cries she sometimes makes sounds like Meme Meme and you could swear it sounds like Mama. Even mama and daddy heard them and we all agree that is what it sounds like. In the evening I came to her and said ‘Hello my little honey’ she just opened her little mouth wide open and smiled the biggest and brightest and happiest smile and started waving her hands like wild.”

She closes by reiterating, “I hope Stanley writes us soon. The suspense is great and I do hope when we get a letter it won’t be from Asia or Europe or Africa.”

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