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The “Daisy Patch”

Posted by on May 1, 2015

This next entry covers letters from two friends; the first is dated August 6, 1943 from Stanley Miskiewicz who is stationed at Seymour Johnson Field in North Carolina, where from the content of some of his previous letters it seems he is serving in some sort of a medical capacity. He congratulates Dad on his promotion to Corporal and wishes him continued luck.

Miskiewicz is writing as he is listening to the radio. He asks Dad if he listens to Gabriel Heater (sic) and opines “Personally I dislike him immensely, but the majority of the Johnson Field Medics spend fifteen minutes a day to listen to him, and the rest of the evening to argue over his talk…. Now Carl Ravazza is entertaining me with “Blue Evening”. I like his music… Perhaps I’ll get to see and hear him in the near future.”

Miskiewicz covers some news from home noting “I was home July 23 on a three day pass…” and he notes that “as far as a furlough for me…I will not be fortunate enough till late October or November…” Like many, he holds out hope for a quick end to the war as he writes, “News is good all over, but my one hope and prayer is that it will continue the same, and that an early peace may come about. I want to get back to civilian life and live a normal happy one”

In the letter Miskiewicz makes mention of the fact that both Dad and his brother have been moved around. He notes about Dad that “it seems to me that you were in Salina Kansas, and now you’re at Topeka Kansas, please straighten me out.” As far as Stanley he mentions “One consolation is that he has seen so much of our country.”

The second letter is dated August 9, 1943 and is from Joe Damusis who is stationed at Pendleton Field. You recall that Joe is the fellow that Dad befriended while in Savanna, Illinois. Joe writes that he is in an area called the “Daisy Patch” which is about two miles from the main part of the field.  He says “is sounds like a nice place, but just come around and you’ll think different.”  Everyone in the section lives in a tent and “even the group headquarters is located in a tent”. Despite its name, Joe writes, “I never saw a daisy in the place.”  He goes on to say there is not much in the way of green grass or trees there either. Joe’s full description of the Daisy Patch is below.

Joe Damusis describes the misleadingly named "Daisy Field" section of Pendleton Field.

Joe Damusis describes the misleadingly named “Daisy Field” section of Pendleton Field.

Joe mentions that in his current capacity, the highest he will be promoted is to Buck Sergeant. He is getting reassigned as a 213 (Steno-clerk) and he says that he gets to use his shorthand quite often. As he wraps up the letter, he regrets that he has to cut things short as “I’m going to an Administrative and Technical Clerks School this evening and for the rest of the week. We’re going to learn about Army Air Force Forms and how to fill them out.”  

With that as a final thought for this post, I leave you with a video of Carl Ravazza performing Vieni Su.

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