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Some Picture

Posted by on January 27, 2015

July 14, 1943. A letter from Stanley to Dad.  This one is just about two pages long.  Stanley apologizes in a roundabout way for not writing too often as the work never seems to stop. “Every time I turn around I got to make a payroll and if that does not knock the energy out of you I don’t know what. Besides payroll I work on correspondence, paycards, service records and flying payrolls. Boy I sure am a busy man if you ask me.  Just for my own sake I stay later in the evening just to straighten things out.”

Stanley reports that the group continues to grow with new men arriving from Salt Lake City almost every day. At this point he is responsible for payroll for 300 men with the group expected to grow to 400 by the time their quota is full. He is training a few men in the office and hopes that they are fully trained by the time they reach 400 men. Even though work is keeping him busy, there is still time to take in a movie now and then.

Stanley writes that he saw Coney Island with Betty Grable, who was one of the big “pin-up” girls of WWII. He provides a short review of the movie and describes the scene in the theater when Miss Grable hit the screen in that way that brothers talk between themselves. “I sure liked the way she looked when she stood up against the tree with that orange ensemble on her. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmm. Some picture. Oh mama. eh? Boy what a row the fellows made when she was in her dress that was almost even with her ass. Boy did the boys squirm around in their seats and what noises they made. They almost knocked the top off the roof.”

Stanley provides another glimpse into Army life at Great Falls as he complains. “We are supposed to take exercise, even the office, but when the hell am I going to get some sleep?  The captain we have …is one of those guys who thinks up of a lot of shit which nobody wants. Like for instance all the fellows have a certain job to do and they have to be there and yet they are supposed to take exercise. They work on the planes and they get plenty of exercise.”

He goes on “Another thing everybody has to do is go out to the gun range and qualify on the 30 caliber rifle.” However with the workload Stanley has not had a chance to get out to the range to qualify. The last time he was at the range was in Ephrata.

The following day, Stanley adds a P.S. on the letter that one of the photographers came to the office and took a few photos of him while he was working. He writes, “I sure had a mess of papers on my desk when he took the picture.”

Stanley Murawski working at his desk at Great Falls Army Air Base. In his letter he notes "I sure had a mess of papers on my desk."

Stanley Murawski working at his desk at Great Falls Army Air Base. In his letter he notes “I sure had a mess of papers on my desk.

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