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My New Surroundings

Posted by on June 9, 2014

April 27, 1943. Dad writes home. He is no longer in Salt Lake City, but is writing from Smoky Hill Army Air Base in Salina, Kansas.  He reports, “I am getting along as well as I can with my new surroundings.”

He left Salt Lake City after going to mass on Easter Sunday. “I offered it for all of us so that this war will end and that we will see each other again for sure because this furlough business is something in which I haven’t much faith. I do feel at home when I join you in prayer.” As far as a furlough, he notes, “I doubt whether I can get a furlough until I have been in 6 months. So far I am in almost 4 months. Time certainly flies.”

Along the way “I saw Denver again and had enough time to walk around and really see the town. I saw the capitol building from a distance. This is the one in front of which Stanley had his picture taken, and I certainly felt funny to walk the same streets which Stanley once walked.”

Post Card Image of the Denver Court House

Post Card Image of the Denver Court House

He notes, “The state of Kansas is a dry state which means no liquor but I think you can get beer. At camp you can get G.I. beer. They say it is very weak.”

He says that he is doing Ordnance work in the office, but it is not strictly a boys club. “Imagine my surprise to find out that we have 3 girls working here. I believe they are all married.” He says now that there are girls in the office, he “will certainly try to make myself appear more dressed and well-groomed.”

As far as his duties, “The work is strange, just like coming to Interstate Plumbing Supply Co. for the first time. I hope to catch on and try to get along knowing what it is all about.” It also sounds like he is tired of all the moving around, “I hope to stay here and never see the other side of the ocean. It is odd to meet a new bunch of fellows not knowing what each is but God will always be with me.”

He also says, “I will be pulling K.P. regularly and other details, so I better become a Corporal as I hear they don’t do K.P. or other bad details.” He also mentions a few other miscellaneous details including that “I grew ¼ of an inch and expect to be taller.” He also mentions that he will continue to write his brother Stanley in Washington State and asks that his sister lets him know if Stanley moves on and gets a new address.

He closes with the advice, “I don’t let anything get me down so don’t worry about me.”

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