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Posted by on May 10, 2014

April 10, 1943. A letter from Dad to home. His studies in Savanna are coming to an end and he will be shipping out in the next few days. As part of his training they had a visit to the depot to see the actual ordnance that they will be responsible for. His comments after seeing a 4,000 pound “blockbuster” bomb: “I just wish I never come across one that goes off. I have seen all types of bombs and this war, now scientifically fought, is the worst one that man has ever devised. As long as the Japs and Germans get the worst end of it that’s alright.”

Photo of a World War II era 4,000 pound "blockbuster" bomb

Photo of a World War II era 4,000 pound “blockbuster” bomb

The rest of the letter he writes throughout the day on Sunday the 11th after getting back from Mass. He mentions that they are going to have a small mission that he plans on being a part of if he can work it in before his travel orders.  He references Anna’s letter about taking the baby to the photographer’s and says, “I bet you all had a good laugh…especially when she tried to go to sleep on you folks when you placed her on her tummy.” In terms of coming home after a long absence, “I’m not worrying about Theresa-Marie being afraid of me. I’ll figure out some way to make up.”

It looks like when he is shipped out, Dad and his buddy Joe Damusis will be going in separate directions.  “He goes to Sacramento, Cal. while I go to Salt Lake City. I have made arrangements as to addresses, etc… so when after the war we get a chance to see N.Y. City he will show us around. He lives in Brooklyn.” Dad also mentions that Damusis was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and worked in Macy’s on the 8th floor.

He reports on an inspection that they had last Saturday. “After cleaning up and arranging foot lockers they just walked by and asked questions of one fellow only. We sure strained ourselves trying not to laugh at the whole show. ‘Do you like your food?’ they asked. The guys would say, ‘Yes, Sir.’ ‘You like the place?’ ‘Yes, Sir.’ My! The place was marvelous!”

He also says that he got his picture taken in his O.D. garrison cap and that he will get a copy of the picture to his family. He also spent some of his Saturday at the movies (“Happy Go Lucky in Technicolor with Dick Powell, Mary Martin and Rudy Vallee”). He says that before going to the movie “I did a little fishing in the creek behind our camp. A bass was jumping around but as soon as I threw out a line, you know what happened…no signs of fish and no luck.”

Knowing that he will be shipping out in a few days, he suggests, “You can stop writing me around the 15th until I give you a new address. However, I will keep on writing before and after.”

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