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If You Just Think About Poland, That’s Enough

Posted by on March 14, 2014

January 27, 28 and 30, 1943. Dad writes home. The suitcase that his mom sent has arrived and it has been stuffed with all that he asked for and even more.  “I would like to thank you for the candy and cookies but please do not send any more in such great quantities as it cannot be eaten in a day or two, and I have some helpers.”  Ah, moms! It reminds me of when we used to take the family road trips to Albany in the 70’s to visit our grandparents. His mom always made sure she sent us on our way with a big container full of homemade meatballs so we would have something for lunch on the way home. Anyway, back to the letters. He also writes, “I received a letter from the corporal or better known as Stanley our brother. I am certainly proud of him and although as yet I cannot be a general, I will try to be the best private inthe U.S.A.”

Every day, “We do our exercises on the beach on the white sands. I am beginning to like the Army as I get more and more accustomed.” He notes, “…it is rather hard for me to imagine that I belong in Albany.” “I am glad that I am in Florida this time of year as in the summer the temperatures run up to 110 to 120 above zero. Now it is about 80 to 90 in the shade and real hot in the sun.” “We have finished our third day of basic training. All we do is have lectures, exercise at times and see training movies at all the theaters down here. We are shown the type of movies…in order I guess to make us feel hate against the enemy, but if you just think about Poland, that’s enough.”

Recruits training the beach in Miami Beach during WWII.  Photo credit:

Recruits training the beach in Miami Beach during WWII. Photo credit:

Even with all the training and busyness of camp life he has time to think about his niece, “Boy would I sure like to see Theresa-Marie!” “Theresa-Marie must make as much fun and act as comically like Donald Duck”

He returns to serious matters as he wraps up his January 30th letter with the following: “May God bless you all until I come home, which should be soon if the news is true about Hitler telling his people to be ready to die.”

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