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I Missed the Family

Posted by on September 7, 2015

December 26, 1943.  Stanley Miskiewicz, who is stationed at Seymour Johnson Filed in North Carolina, writes a relatively short letter to Dad. It looks like the days around Christmas have been a good time for everyone to catch up on their correspondence.  Miskiewicz is busy as they are “…losing a lot of personnel…and getting no replacements” while effectively his “work has doubled in the last month”. He tells about what Christmas is like on base, and like many in the service this time of year, one of the biggest battles he is fighting is not being homesick.

Letterhead from Seymour Johnson Field, North Carolina

Letterhead from Seymour Johnson Field, North Carolina

With the office being a few men down, even though it is the day after Christmas, Mickiewicz writes, “Today is supposed to be my day off, and here I am in the office…I had to work yesterday, and I’ll be working on New Year’s also.” As he continues, it seems that he is distracted, to say the least, and is having a little trouble enjoying himself. “I went to a dance last night and lasted about one hour, and I then decided on a movie, and went, only to find that it was an awful picture. I sat through it but didn’t enjoy it. I guess I just don’t care too much for movies anyway. I used to be a fiend for them but not anymore.”  

As far as observing the holiday, Miskiewicz writes that although the makeshift “church” was plainly decorated, he found it appealing nonetheless. “I went to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, and was surprised to find the Church, or should I say the Theater so well dressed. It was a bit crude, but that is what added to the beauty of it all. The theater was jammed to capacity, and then some.” He continues that they did not have a white Christmas. “We had some bad weather for the holiday, Rain! …But I didn’t get to go anywhere so why should I complain?”

Eventually, he comes right out and writes that he misses being home for the holidays. “Well, before I forget, how did you enjoy your Christmas? I hope you had as good a one as could be expected being away from home. I know I would have enjoyed mine to the fullest extent had I been in good old Albany. I missed the family, and my future and all my friends. …I guess I’ll never get out of this place. There is a slight possibility though. We are taking P.O.E. exams this coming week, so it is possible that when I pass I may get a chance to do a little travelling. I hope so anyway.”

As he signs off he wishes Dad a “pleasant afternoon” and a “nice and happy new year.”

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