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I Have My Ears Open

Posted by on April 24, 2014

March 30, 31and April 2. A few letters home from Dad. Still stationed at the Savanna Ordnance Depot in Illinois, Dad continues his training and looks forward to its completion and moving on to wherever he will be stationed next. He says that they still fall out for reveille in the morning and that they still have their exercises “if you can call them such.” He also says that he has “given up softball for a while until I find more time, The novelty of the thing wore off on me, I guess I feel like that every Spring.”

Savanna Section Ordnance School Letterhead

Savanna Section Ordnance School Letterhead

To pass the time in the evening he says, “I get plenty of enjoyment at night by being out…admiring the moon and stars as I always did at home. This morning we were out for reveille and it was still kind of dark and they were waiting for the proper bugle call over the record to hoist up the flag. The moon was shining just above flag pole…and I just thought that the moon required nobody to put it up or take it down as did the flag. That shows you the greatness of God.”


He says he gave more thought to where he might ask to be stationed next. Although he would prefer to be near his brother, he says that by the time he is stationed anywhere close to Stanley, it is likely that Stanley will be moved on to another location. “He might see the other side [of the ocean] before I do and he might not. I think I could do better at a Bingo game.”


He continues to learn more about armaments and ordnance. He comments, “When I get home it will be me showing Eddie the nomenclature of a gun and about how much they are really worth. Firing them shotguns of his is going to be like playing with candlesticks. I am not in the “small arms class” as they are trained at a different proving ground. Anyway, Eddie better watch out when we come home.”


On the 31st he writes that he got paid and is “enclosing a money order for $40.” He has reserved enough cash for miscellaneous expenses and to cover travel home in the event he gets a furlough before the next payday.


On April 2nd Dad writes that he received Anna’s letter of March 29th and also got Theresa’s letter thanking him for the stuffed bunny. “It was certainly amazing to find out she can write already. That is because she has a smart uncle. And those fingerprints! They sure look tiny but cute.”


He says he has no idea what kind of marks he is getting in his classes but is sure he is in the top half of the class. He also says that “The last two days we had no calisthenics but a dress parade. Officers, band, all that. Something about Army Day, I guess.” He also notes, “It won’t be long now that I will be leaving this place for a regular base. I have my ears open to all the good opportunities.”


He continues, “By April 25th I shall be someplace else as I leave around the 16th or 19th.” He suggests, “Don’t bother sending any Easter package as it will be quite uncertain as to destination. The best Easter present I can possible receive would be that mama be well taken care of…as she has been.”


After signing off he adds the following, “P.S.: Tell Theresa-Marie when I get home from this lousy war I will bring her a bigger present. What would she want besides all of her uncles?”

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