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Get Out of the Camp

Posted by on February 7, 2017

April 20, 1945. After not writing for a while, Anna has some pent up news. She writes a four page single spaced typewritten letter to her brothers.  She acknowledges, “It is three weeks since I have written to you last. …between the house and the baby and ahem the condition the I am in now I can’t do things to good and quickly but just about manage to get around. Day in and day out I am getting heavier and bigger by inches.”

She thanks Stanley for sending a cablegram for Easter. As she details, On Easter morning about 7:30 the telephone rang and the operator read the message. I asked her if she also had one for mama and daddy and she said yes and she read it and the next day we got a confirmation or copy. It sure was so nice to get such a…message from you across the miles. Poor mama, she was happy to get it but sad because you weren’t here.” Anna also sends her thanks to Stanley for sending some handkerchiefs and other souvenirs from England and asks, “Why didn’t you wrap yourself up in them and come home too?” She also writes that “mama has received Anthony’s Mother’s Day Card… Mama has it on her dresser where she can look at it all the time. Poor mama, when she gets one of those things she just feels lost and doesn’t know what to do or think. Well I hope soon everything will be over with and she will see you boys again.”

Anna writes a little more about what they did on Easter, reiterating information from a previous letter about going to Easter Mass and visiting Eddie’s family. She also writes, “In the afternoon the men went to look at some land that was for sale for a camp on Saratoga Lake but they didn’t make out so good because the guy had a better prospect who wanted to buy the whole land and not a piece like Eddie’s father. For a while everybody was excited and now it don’t look like he will get the land. As for the women and Terry we took her to the park where she had a good time feeding pigeons and chasing squirrels. …Easter Sunday itself was a beautiful and sunny and bright day and it felt so good to be out in the sunshine…I almost got spring fever.”

Speaking of little Terry, Anna writes that she bought Terry a toy telephone. “Every time we would go to the phone she would run and use hers at the same time…and Terry would carry on quite a conversation with herself over her own telephone. …She even called her uncle Anthony up on the telephone and this is what she said to him, ‘Hello, Antos, hurry up and come home. Get out of the camp.’ Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was that easy?”

Anna relays some big news from the home front. “Our cousin Eddie Morawski has finally got his biggest wish. He has a baby son born to him on April 8, 1945 in Troy Hospital. Rosie got the hospitalization free of charge being a serviceman’s wife. The baby is Eddie Jr. and he was a pretty big little chap because he weighed almost ten pounds. …Eddie is due home in about two weeks now.”

In other news from home:

  • Bill Trainor from Lexington Avenue passed away.
  • Anna has “heard rumors about our cousin Josephine Weiss being on her way towards matrimony again but it isn’t confirmed.”
  • Mattie Gorski is also getting married.

Anna wraps up, “I have covered all the news so I will close for now. So long, Good bye and God Bless You.”

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