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Cutting a Tooth

Posted by on August 5, 2014

June 1st & 4th, 1943. A couple of letters from Anna to Dad. Mama continues to have problems with her teeth and is scheduled to have two more teeth pulled in another two weeks. Anna mentions that she got a call from her cousin Catherine.  Anna relays that Catherine said, “It’s a pity all the good looking boys have to be her cousins or brothers.”

In her letter of the first Anna details that on Monday (Memorial Day) she “did the regular Monday chores while Ed went fishing to Kinderhook Lake despite the gas ban and all the warning. He went with Joe Falkowski and Ed caught a pike 17” and a pike-perch 17” also. When he came home at night he was afraid to bring the fish until after dark.” I guess given the neighbors penchant for knowing everything that goes on up and down the street, Eddie was acting out of an abundance of caution.

Anna addresses something to Stanley in reply to something he wrote home that apparently is not in any of the letters Stanley wrote to Dad. Anna writes, “I’m glad that you arrived safely and that you traveled with such pleasant company – I don’t mean the sailor who was sleeping on a married woman’s knockers. Poor guy, he was so tired and she was so patriotic, Phooey!!!” I’m not sure what I find more amusing, Anna’s overall reaction or her using the word “knockers”.

On the first Anna reports that it is rainy in Albany and that daddy says “we must have India’s rainy season” because “the Japs and Allies shot their rainy season out to us.” By the time the 4th came around it was “so hot and muggy that all day long you just sweat and sweat.” As Anna is writing her letter on the 4th she is doing so with a pitcher of lemonade by her side which she is “drinking continuously”. Despite the heat, the neighborhood kids are out in the street yelling “just like they always do rain or shine”, and an “ambitious” neighbor is mowing their lawn.

The big news on the 4th is that baby Theresa-Marie has “cut a tooth”. Anna recalls the exact moment she noticed. “I was feeding her yesterday and when she squeezed her gums over the spoon it sounded like she was scraping against something and when she was drinking her milk you could hear a little tinkle as the tooth hit the glass. The tooth isn’t all out yet, it just broke through the gum and you can see a little white break.” So as Mama is losing hers, the baby’s teeth are just starting to come in.

In other news:

  • Mr. Hunting who owns Hunting Drug Store died
  • Joe Miller (who was just drafted into the Navy) is at the U.S. Naval Training Station at Sampson, NY.
  • Anna says she hopes that Dad gets to see Jeanette MacDonald, and she recalls the time they went to see Nelson Eddy.

Anna wraps up writing “I have covered all the news so far.”

Of course, no post that mentions both Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald would be complete without a video of their rendition of “Indian Love Call” so here it is:

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