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Camp Upton

A Far Cry from Camp Upton

November 8, 1943. A handwritten letter home from Dad. He mentions getting Anna’s November 4th letter the day before. So if you were wondering, it takes about three days for letter to get from Albany to Topeka. He spends a good bit of his letter writing about the local weather, compares his experience in Topeka to other … Continue reading »

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Quite the Thing, Eh?

October 6th and 9th 1943. Two letters from Stanley to Dad. Stanley is still in Great Falls, MT “with a few more days to go” before deployment overseas, while Dad is at Topeka Army Air Base in Kansas. At this point Stanley writes, “Since we started to pack why I have a little more time … Continue reading »

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Only God Knows How Much I Want to See You Boys

February 10, 1943. Anna writes from home. She is not having the best of days and is frustrated that her husband Eddie has been spending time reading comics. “Cursed be the man or woman who invented funny sheets and funny books and all the ten cent trash that he buys all the time. He doesn’t … Continue reading »

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Moon over Miami

The next correspondence is a pair of postcards that Dad sent home from Camp Upton. The message is relatively brief, “I am sure of leaving this camp,” and, “Please await a new address from me which I will send you surely.” To Anna, he asks, “Give the little girl my regards and tell her I … Continue reading »

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A Week at Camp Upton

It all begins with a postcard dated January 8, 1943 from Camp Upton on Long Island, NY. In all, Dad would spend a week at Upton before being sent on his way. His initial reports are that he is eating well and is OK.  In his first postcard he references that the next day they … Continue reading »

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The Box

Several years ago my mother gave me a box containing “dad’s letters”. It wasn’t until recently that I took a look inside the box. What I found was several manila envelopes stuffed with letters that were written between January 1943 and February 1946 while my father was in the service during WWII. My mother said that … Continue reading »

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