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At The Photographers Studio

Posted by on April 29, 2014

Monday, April 5, 1943. A letter from Anna to Dad. The big news is that Anna took the baby to the photographer for a formal sitting. Theresa-Marie was fidgety to say the least. “When we took her inside the studio, she took one look and knew that she wasn’t home. She started to whimper. We did a lot of talking and convincing before she quieted down.”

It didn’t get much better once they got her in front of the camera. “Then the photographer put her in a chair but she wouldn’t look up and only played with her white shoes. We bought out a mouse that squeaked and colored bells that jingled… He tried and we tried. It was just as bad as working for a living. We finally won. I wanted a picture of her taken on her tummy. Eddie tried and I and the photographer tried to make her lift up her head but she refused and started to cry.”

Of course, “After the pictures were taken and I was dressing her up again to go out she was smiling and laughing to beat the band. They’ll do it every time.” She says that the proof will be read on Tuesday and that they will be able to place the order then.

She also writes, “Anthony, I hope when this war is over and all of Theresa-Maries uncles come back, she won’t be afraid of them. She already knows Mama and Papa and Eddie and me and likes us all. She doesn’t remember you or Billy although you both have seen her and Stanley has not seen her or she him.”

“Daddy said to me that when we move out Theresa Marie will always cry and say that she wants to go back home to Granpa and Granma. How true. The 3 of us will probably do the same.”

She signs off, “Well, so long and God Bless You and Good Luck.”

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